Changing the which menu plays

Hi there, I have tried compressing Sleeping Beauty in DVD2One 1.1.2 but it always comes out at over 5.5gig…
When I insert the origonal disc there are some adverts that play before the Menu is displayed, so I would like to be able to remove these and then compress the movie.
Uncompressed they take up 1gig of space, I think this would help greatly in reducing the size of my final movie if I could remove it.

Thanks for the help, I hope that makes sense because I had a real hard time in putting it onto words!!


You have three options:

  1. Put the results through DVD2One a second time. That might work.
  2. Get hold of IFOEdit and VOBEdit and do some surgery with those tools before offering the results to DVD2One. These progs are not the easiest of things to use. You might need to do some research on doom or wherever if you’re not already familiar.
  3. Use one of DVD2One’s competitors, like InstantCopy or DVD95Copy, which offer the facility to drop titles and titlesets respectively.


Actually, I’m rather surprised you even have the problem you describe. I could understand it [DVD2One] being wrong by a couple of Mbs, but that much! Surely not. Something else is wrong I fear.

Thanks for the help Pete, I already have IFOEdit and VOBEdit, but I dont even know where to start to and remove title sets and stuff.
I am going to try Instant Copy 7 as soon as I can get the demo…

Ill keep looking around on other forums and if I come up with anything Ill paste the links…


cyberguru - why not just make a movie only rip ?

My orders from she who must be obeyed was to make a DVD with the extras. But anyway, I ran it through DVD2One twice and it fits on a DVD now.

Dont know why it came out two big doing it just twice, but I have read about other people having trouble with DVD’s being ‘too big’ for dvd2one, and although this disc was only 7gig, there were 81 files…!