Changing the region code on a dvd



Just bought a copy of Fletch off of ebay and when i play it in my DVD player it says something about not being compatable with the region code for the disk, which is eastern europe. I use dvd shrink and nero to burn. Is there any way I can switch the region code so this dvd will play in my dvd player?
Thank you for your responses.


Anydvd from
Runs in the background
Lets you remove the RPC
Quote from the help page
"Region Code: Usually you do not need this function. The needed Region Code is always automatically adapted. But there are special cases (especially with US American DVDs) where the automatic selection doesn’t work. If this is the case, please look for the Region Code on your package and insert it here.
Feature Removal: You can remove certain features, like Region Code, Analog Protection and User prohibited Operations (like forced Subtitles)"


DVD Genie will also do this and it is free.