Changing the "Real" Output File Locations

When I specify an output file directory for DVD copies, or WMV conversion, DVDFab Platinum puts the output files several layers beneath the specified location.

For example, if I specify the output location as “Movie”, the actual WMV files are located in:
“Movie>XBox360>Movie>movie1.wmv, etc.” or “Movie>Customize>VideoTS>movie1.VOB”.

Why does DVDFab create all of these extra mostly empty folders? (also why is there always an empty “Audio_TS” folder)?

Is there a way to eliminate these so I don’t always have to shuffle all of the files around and delete the extra folders?


have you tried unchecking

“create files in subfolders of output directory”

audio_ts folder is for compatibility with dvd players. some players look for this folder, as audio used to be located here.

Thanks, Troy! I hadn’t seen that option, but I’ll (un) check it out!