Changing the Plextor 716-A faceplate



On page 87, step #5, I don’t understand what I’m suppose to do. The pictures aren’t clear enough and I have already damaged the original white bezel. It’s not a big concern to me because I’ll put a new black one in there. However, I’m scared to try any harder and might potential damage the tray.

Did you guys work with the writer upside down or from it’s normal position? On step #5, the picture shows the burner upside down correct? There is a arrow pointing up, so I’m assuming, I’m suppose to push the front plate up? Because it’s not working…

Edit: Also I’m not quite sure where are the hooks. by looking at the black tray, I notice there are are two small white pieces stuck on to the tray. I think this is harder than what the book and some ppl say it is.


This thread has some info on it. It’s quite easy to do (replaced mine without reading the manual :p).


You need to take the tray face place off first. Easiest way is to eject manually or eject, turn the power off, and then take the drive out. Flip it over. Use a small screwdriver or paper clip to wedge the center of the tray face away from the tray. Push down while doing this and the tray face should release from the retaining clips. Once the tray face is off, press on the retaining hooks for the bezel on the sides and bottom. Lift up and slip out from the top, which has a retaining hook inside.


Thanks, I got it done now!