Changing the format in 716A

I noticed when I got a new burner the other day (Plextor PX-716A) which is a multi-format, that the format it used was DVD+R which doesn’t play in all players. My old, old burner (NEC 4x DVD+R) played in anything. I did some looking and the old +R burner burnt as DVD-rom. I’ve tried to see if I could change what format it burnt as but could not find anything. I’ve looked in the device manager and everything, updated the firmware, checked in the plextools, but still no luck. I am still using the same disks as I have always used with the old burner (DVD+R). Is the 716 capable of doing this? Does anyone have any suggestions? Or what is the next best format? Thanks

it’s called bitsetting and the PX716 is capable of it.

check the box in…

Plextools>Drive Settings>Advanced Tab>Change Book Type for DVD+R (DL)

That’s what it’s set as but it’s still the same DVD+R booktype. I guess what I meant was is the 716A capable of burning as a DVD-rom booktype? Which is more compatible with most players.

where are you looking to see the booktype? you can only see it as DVD-ROM after the disc is burned and not from a blank. bitsetting and changing booktype are the same thing.

I noticed it in the info part of AnyDVD after I backup the DVD. The only way I noticed it was I couldn’t play the disk in my player that I used to with the old burner so I tried to do some troubleshooting and noticed the 2 that I burnt on the new 716A that couldn’t play in the player had the booktype as DVD+R and all my other ones that worked in the player had DVD-Rom as the booktype, which was burnt using my old burner. So that’s the only thing that made me wonder if this was the problem.

do some Qcheck scanning on the burned dics (with Plextools) and post the results. there may be other underlying issues as to why they won’t play in your stand-alone player. what media are you using? if it’s crap media, the Plex may have needed to adjust autostrategy with the first 2 discs in order to get a sufficient quality burn on that particular media.

Sorry, this plextools is new to me. Which Qcheck do I do?

run the PI/PO Test (both a SUM8 and SUM1 Test).

click on Preferences before you start each one and set the Error Limit (up top) to “250” for the SUM8 test and “10” for the SUM1 test. also, set the Test Interval Length (at bottom) to “Good Accuracy”. each of the 2 test should take about 10-15mins.

once each test completes, right click on the graph and save as HTML with file type PNG. open up the HTML files in your browser, take a screenshot (ALT+PRNTSCRN) and use your preferred image editing software to crop and save another image (PNG or JPG) and upload those in a post here (you can view examples of uploaded scans in the “Quality Scans” thread stickied at the top of the Plextor forum).

I’ll chip in a bit…

dalant1, what software youre using to burn for your backups? Almost all burning softwares have their own bitseting setup, so it might overides Plextools setup.

If you are using Nero, first please update with the latest version (

I’m having trouble inserting the pic. But I am using the very latest versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. The media I am using is HP 4x DVD+R.

HP media is crap…try some Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden (Fujifilm 8X DVD+R made in Japan) and/or RICOHJPNR01 (TDK 4X DVD+R).

Yea, I kinda got stuck with it until I use it all up. But it’s worked fine in the past.

Are you people sure that “dalant1” is not closing Plextools before burning and so he looses some settings ?
Burn something with Nero 6: this burning software can control some of the settings of Plextools (PoweRec, Varirec, …)

zevia suggested updating and using NERO above. :slight_smile:

dalant1, the scans you posted look good. From the scan, it looks like your burned disk is not bitset to DVD-ROM, still DVD+R. I don’t have AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 so I can’t tell how to change the bitseting in those softwares. You might want to check DVD Movie Backup forum

I would suggest trying DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter They both are freeware. You can use DVD Shrink to “shrink” the movie to fit in DVDRs and burn with DVD Decrypter. You can change bitsetting in DVD Decrypter (see attached image).

I’ll give it a shot. Thanks to everybody for the help and input. I’ll repost my results when I try it out. :bow:

Are you sure your settings looked like this? I thought enabling bitsetting in Plextools enabled it in the drive. Isnt that why you can unistall Plextools, do a system recovery and the drive will still have bitsetting on?

This is correct. When you enable it in PlexTools, the setting is stored in the drive itself, meaning that you don’t need PlexTools anymore to enable it. Of course, some software, like Nero, can override the drive’s setting and disable it again.

I figured it out. I’m still using clonedvd and anydvd but the change I made was Plextools>Drive Settings>Advanced Tab>Change Book Type for DVD+R instead of checking DVD+R (DL). Tested it and the booktype of the burnt DVD’s is in DVD-Rom and plays in any DVD player. I want to thank everybody for the input and help. And I hope this helps others as well.

cool…glad you sorted it out. btw, just keep both checked…doesn’t hurt anything and only helps.