Changing the Directory for Conversion

A couple of questions:

  1. How do I create a brand NEW project? Seems like all I can do is to open OLD ones, not create new ones. Why is this?
  2. I can’t seem to change the direcotry to where the conversion destination. I want to keep old conversions without writing over with new ones.

Hi there,

What do you mean by I can’t Create A New Project ?

The output directory will be


If you wish to reconvert an other project, with the same 1st input file,

you will need to rename C:\Destination_Selected[B][FIRST_INPUT_FILENAME][/B]\ to something else, since the new project will be created in the same directory, and will delete everthing in there if it already exists.

OK, I can LOAD an exisitng project, or SAVE an existing project.That is ALL.
I figured out that the conversion directory will be the name of the 1st video input file.
I was wondering why there is no SIMPLE create new project selection?
The way it works now is I have to open an exisitng project delete all the old video files, then add new ones, and then it is saved as whatever.
It is just an unusual way of doing things and is not described anywhere.
Probably creates a lot of confusion.
That’s all.
Keep it simple and straightforward.

You can’t save a project before you’ve started making one. When you start the program, there’s nothing to save, so the save option is ghosted out. As soon as you start adding files, you now have something to save and the menu option becomes live.

OK, a little strange interface. No worries.
Tried the new version yet?
I have not, no time.