Changing the default writing speed for unknown media


A few days ago, I updated the firmware of my NEC ND-2500 to the latest MadDog release. Unfortunately, this firmware does not properly support my DVD+Rs (POMS media code). So the only available writing speed was 2,4x. :sad:

I opened the firmware with a hex editor and - as expected - could not find the media code. Consequently, I reverted back to Herrie’s beta5 firmware which supports them @8x max.

The conclusion is simple: All discs which are not directly supported by the firmware are recorded at a minimum speed with a default strategy.

Since the firmware support of NEC is lousy (IMHO ;-), I assume that many new media won’t work correctly.

Now would it be possible to modify the firmware and unlock at least 4x writing as default speed for unsupported media?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I’m sure it would be possible to increase the writing speed for unsupported medias, if I only knew what strategy the drive is using for these discs.
Since the drive doesn’t know anything about these discs, it may be pure luck to get good results anyways. Providing a specific strategy should be the best solution.

I agree, therefore it would be best if you can select a low recording speed, too. The easiest solution would be to unlock all speeds for this specific strategy and the user can test himself if he can burn the medium properly.

I guess that’s exactly what Nil from did with the Pioneer firmwares (8x4all). Maybe he knows where to locate this default strategy - although I think that Pioneer firmwares are completely different from NEC firmwares. :sad:

Exactly, that would be the perfect solution.

However, since NEC’s firmware support is bad and the firmware patchers focus on the NEC 3500 firmware, a default strategy with all recording speeds unlocked would be a very nice feature :wink: