Changing The Booktype On A Sony Dru-710a To Dvd Rom

I have read some of the posts on how change booktypes, i need to change the booktype on my sony dru-710a so i can back up a navigation DVD-Rom. I have installed Omnipatch, but can not get it to load firmware. I have also tried to use the software Booktype, but after I change it it will not let me write. Please offer any suggestions, I am a newbie so be specific and easy on the the jargon.

load this firmware into omnipatcher and enable auto-bitsetting:

When I do that it states invalid .bin file size.

thank you than you … its all super now!!! … led fix, wicked writing quality and dvd-rom BS … :smiley: :bow: :bow:

you should load the firmware.EXE into omnipatcher!

when you flash your drive with the patcher and enable auto-bitsetting do you have to do anything else for the bitsetting to be changed to -rom or just flash it and your ready to burn?

just flash, nothing more.