Changing Slideshow To DVD Compliant?

:confused: Hello there anybody who can help me, it would greatly appreciated. I have this slideshow which was done with “Power Point”, music is in mpeg but the slide show is not, so in a DVD player you only get music, so this is where the problem lies, how can i encode or change the slidshow part to play in a DVD player, and please, please don’t tell me it is not possible or there will be a very angry bride.
Thanks (in advance of any help) :bow:;52#3;52

You should be able to open up the slideshow in powerpoint and save the individual images to import into any authoring program. Should be a doable project in any authoring program- just create a single ‘menu’ screen for each picture. Crude, but it should work.

Thanks for the promt reply, after posting my cry for help i did some more research and found that there is an actual how-to manual on converting powerpoint presentation to DVD. It is an excellent manual, it tells you the software you will need and exactly step by step how to do it. One of the main problem’s i had at first is that i do not even have powerpoint on my computer, but found a tool which allows you to watch a powerpoint slideshow with out haven the whole program. Then i got a program called Camtasia (by Techsmith) which allows you to extract the slideshow in video format then you just need to encode it and then burn it. Thanks for your help though and i will keep this in mind if the other way does not work.