Changing selected source during burn

Hello, this is my first post
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I’m a vid producer and I started out in the late sixties using 16mm film. Man things have changed. (for the better)
My question today is in regard to standalone dvd recorders: Can one change the video input during a burn? Say from a firewire camera to an analog camera.
So we’d be recording the input from one camera then select another input with a different camera attached showing a tighter shot or whatever. In other words, can the standalone dvd burner act as a vision mixer or switcher Albeit only for cuts. And if switching sources during a burn works, what does the edit point look like?
Name of my outfit is RushMedia so you know it’s all hurry live to disc.
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Firstly this might not entirely be an issue that can be handled by this forum as you are asking questions about linear editing which is generally not done simultaneously with a DVD burner. (My own experience is with nonlinear editing.) You’ll find a lot of specialists in video encoding and optical storage issues here but not film production.

I don’t think that standalone recorders are designed to switch inputs while recording. They really aren’t made to be ‘editing’ devices at all, but instead are aimed at just recording a single video stream onto the disc.

With digital video editing, this is where the NLE process really has come of age. You take all the feeds from your cameras, download them onto the computer (in realtime or afterward) and then edit them in a storyboard and then encode to MPEG-2 and burn that to DVD.

Is it possible to do the digital process while burning on the fly? Maybe … but that’s far out of my league and the equipment is probably way too expensive for my purposes.


I believe that you can do this with InterVideos “Instant Movie” software-

You can download the full program for free for 30 days-

It allows you to download to the harddrive - edit then burn to DVD - (per the site)

I’d give it a shot to see if it works for you-


Right on mike.
Days and days of research, posting all over the place and eventually find that the solution was on my laptop all along. The program you referred to was in the software bundle that came with my a70 toshiba and looks like it will burn camera to disc with no steps in between.
Have found another which I’ve tested and found to be satisfactory: neodvd
Thanks for input bigmike7 and Julius