Changing response to button commands

I’m using remake to change first play from warnings and studio crap to the title menu, and to remove extras here and there. This seems easy enough. The problem I’m having is I don’t know how to change the response to remote control. For example when I play the DVD in PowerDVD the menu>title menu command sends me to the original first play of warnings and studio crap.

How do I change this? I don’t have a clue about where I should look for this.

For starters, it is best to just hide the clips you don’t want, with “Auto Bypass” turned on in the Options menu. This will ensure navigation to be intact.

You can change first play command to jump straight to the title menu, or is that the main menu you are referring to, but you risk certain registers not being assigned correctly, thus it might affect navigation. This method might work for some DVDs, some might not.

Thanks for the reply, I’d pretty much figured this out by experimenting after posting the thread. You’re right, hiding stuff is the way to go. Deleting stuff was what was giving me problems.