Changing REGION Setting

I use Dvd Decrypter and DVD2One.
I want to know if you can Demux a R1 to a R2 so it will playback in my R2 (second player)?
I have done two R1 to Region Zero Back-ups but,for some reason they wont playback in the R2 Player,yet will playback faultlessly in my M/R Player.
Thoughts needed please.

After decrypting the file using DVD Decrypter, open the VIDEO_TS.IFO file in IFOedit and set it to Region Free. It will actually add all the Regions (and not set it to 0) and that should play on your player.

Of course you might run into PAL/NTSC issues but that’s a whole separate issue.

I use the demux option in DVD2One to remove the R1 Code, but still wont play in a R2 Player?


Presumably the Region 2 (PAL) player can play back NTSC video - and your TV knows what to do with it?


Both my Players are wired to the same TV, as I play R1 Dvds on my M/R player no problem.