Changing region codes?

I have a HP dvd 400c writer. Current Setting is region 4. Is it possible to change to region free?? Apparantly XP locks the region code after 3-4 changes? I have a couple of R1 I want to copy. Also does anyone know if there is firmware available for this writer?

As I understand it, dvd43 bypasses both region/CSS control. even on RPC2 drives. confirms it, no RPC1 firmware or reset solution, use - that’s if DVD43 doesn’t do it.

Better still, add a DVD-ROM, preferably one that IS RPC-hacked (best form is autoreset, as then the drive eats the region change, whereas with RPC-1, you need a software solution to prevent Windows taking over region control).

You can try AnyDVD…

:slight_smile: Thanks for reply Matth and marlowe. I have downloaded and tried DVD43 and that seems to be doing the trick!! Thanks again… :slight_smile:

i changed the region code on my dvd drive and now it will not read any cd, vcd and dvd. Is there there a solution out there to my problem?

I doubt that is region control specific.
Re-install the drive from devicemanager.