Changing Read Only Attribute

I just purchased a lg dsa-5163d. When I burn files to the DVD drive,using a dvd-rw disk, the files are read only. When I try to uncheck the read only attribute, it will not allow me to do this. Is there anyway I can override this so I can use the DVD drive to make changes on the DVD disks.

As far as I know … you can still make changes (multi-session) to the DVD-RW or just re-burn the entire disc. It will always be read-only attribute because the data is saved on the media. If you’re wanting to make changes to the data, just copy it back to your harddrive, make changes, and then re-burn or add another session to the disc.

Rather depends on the software you use I think. If it’s Roxio Drag2Disk then yes I think you can, otherwise you might have to do as ninbang suggests.

I think TimC has the answer. Use the Roxio packet writing software or Nero’s Incd if you have that one. I wouldn’t install both on my system because they will probably conflict.

To use packet writing you need to format the disc and then it allows you to add and delete files to a DVD+or-RW disc just like a mini hdd right from the window explorer. When you delete a file the space is freed on the disc and it can be reused. Otherwise when you burn a disk the usual way the only way to add or delete files is through multisessions but that isn’t really deleting since the old files are still there using space. The pointers to the files are just not carried to the next session. They can still be read with a session selector program which allows you to see the files recorded in each session.