Changing Pixel Widths

I have an AVI file that has a pixel width of 768. I need to get it to 720 to be able to watch it on my DVD player. Someone told me I should use VirtualDub to do this, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Is there someone who could tell me what to do?

P.S. The video file plays fine, I just need to change the pixel width because my DVD player says the resolution can not be supported

In VirtualDub, you select the Video menu, then select “Full Processing mode”.

Next you choose the “Compression” you want to use, from the list of codecs installed on your machine. (Try to select “Xvid” - if it’s not listed, you may want to download and install it. It’s a free codec.)

Once you select your compression codec, there will be a “Configure” button which will let you set up the codec and set the aspect ratio you want on your output video.

When all that is set, just save the new avi from the file menu. (Note that depending on the size of the avi, it can take a couple hours or more to re-encode and save your new avi.)

Hint: If your video is a large one, it’s best if you just crop a small 2 minute section out of it and test your conversion on that smaller section–which will convert in a few minutes. If the end result is what you want, then run the same conversion on the large/complete avi.

You can do it with VD but you will have to re-encode it though. To change the res go to video->filters->add->resize, you will then be given the option to do so but you will need to know both the vertical and horizontal. You will then have to set up your encoding options i.e. which codec to use, quality/bitrate.

Or a quicker and easier way if your not sure what your doing with vd would be to use Auto Gordian Knot, hers a guide, you can skip to step 2 though.

Fast recopmpress should also work fine…

I tried the whole deal with the Virtual Dub process, but when I go and try to save the file it pops up a box that says "VideoSourceAVI [IcDecompress] error: unspecified error (-100)"
It also doeas this when I try and play the file inside VD.

Any clue what’s wrong?

This may shed some light