Changing picture size

G’Day there
i have burnt a cple of movies to dvd, however when i play them on TV the picure size is way different to that on my PC.
The picture on my TV is the full width of the screen … thats ok, but the height of the picture although in the middle of the sceen is about 1/5 of the sceen.
Is there anyway i can increase the height of the picture before i burn it to dvd, without loosing quality?

Convert them to DVD format before burning them?

What movies?
What source?
What program?

That is because your TV has feature called automatic picture resizing, if you go through the menu of your TV and turn the feature off then you will see the same picture size as you see it in your PC.

Thank you all for your help … the problem was, I was not converting them to DVD format. I have obtained a copy of winavi converter, and that has solved the problem, again thank you for your advise

Glad to hear that your resolve your own problem and thank you for leting us know.