Changing physical order of files

Does anyone know a method (software or technique) that allows me to physically order files on a data DVD? I’ve searched a few related threads but none of them had a proper answer.

Most softwares record files in alphabetical order as far as I know.
It’s not a trouble in general but when I’m backing up a data DVD it does.

Usually the edge part of a disc is mostly dangerous, so burning a 2nd copy with the same file order isn’t really a good idea. I know, I can change filenames or use subdirectories to force rearrangements but certainly it is not an attractive solution when you have hundreds of discs to backup.

from discjuggler help file: …additionally, using DiscJuggler integrated disc layout explorer you can prioritizing the files to be copied on the disc. By doing so you can precisely place most important files on areas of the disc with the highest read speed.

Notice that you will be not able to add any more information to your disc after writing with this option.