Changing Pal to NTSC

I have a few dvd backups in PAL format. I have heard you can use dvd shrink to convert PAL to NTSC. If so what are the steps you have to do. I live in the USA and would like to view these in my stand alone player.

To my knowledge DVDShrink doens’t allow you to change PAL content to NTSC or vice versa. It just removes the locks , region codes , macrovision , rce and recompresses the content to 4.7 gigs.

So if my player doesn’t recognize PAL, I can make the dvd multi regionalble and it should play?

I have the same question. What will convert the image or disk to NTSC without a bunch of extra steps.
As far as converting the region IF your player can convert both standards for playback fixing the region to one it can play will work, otherwise it will try to play but be out of sync and unwatchable.
My new Pioneer 563 never claimed to have a video converter option but it has played two PAL disk with no region perfectly on my NTSC set so far.