Changing my DMA ports

Hey people,

I’ve been reading though these forums about DVD burners, and I’ve found some other topics concerning the DMA drivers. But none of them really helped me.

I have been posting around on a Nero forum about some problems my DVD burner has been having. Posted some logs, and found out that my DMA drivers had to be turned “on”. They are, but on “multi-word DMA mode 2”. My DVD burner ALWAYS worked fine until I formatted my HDD and reinstalled Windows. With Nero it won’t work (“Can’t preform end of Disc-At-Once”) and in the regular Windows burner it won’t even copy files to the “CD”, as like when you copy them as temporary files, before they are burned.
I have read about the deleting/reinstalling the drivers through that nifty thingy through the System-thing, but it didn’t work as well.

Is there ANY way to update or change my DMA drivers, prefferably without opening my computer (i.e. that you can see all the hardware visually).

Thanks in advance!!!


DMA drivers, there are no such things, DMA is the mode the drive runs under, usually deleting the ata/atapi controllers is enough, or make sure they are using microsoft drivers, reseting the bios sometimes helps also

Alright, thanks for the answer. I will try to reset my BIOS. Does it do any (permanent) damage to any of my Hardware?

no it doesn’t


Thanks for the answers. I’ll try it now and I’ll tell how it went later.