Changing many files into ONE?

Changing many files into ONE?

‘I have 23 musical video clips which I made on Shrink reauthor. As they are now 23 video files, is there a really ‘easy’ way to change those 23 files into 1 (continuous title so that there will not be any noticeable pauses between clips) and then burning the result all joined together?’ I am requesting an easy way due to not having learned too much about editing as of yet.

I tried to use VOBedit but i really didnt understand what i was doing?

What kind of files? Wmv, avi, true movie extensions, etc. Tons of programs that will glue them together.

VOB’s but I need simple simple simple please :confused:

infoedit should do the trick

Then WinAVI video converter can convert many files to one dvd folder,and you can play them one by one or which you like.Maybe you can have a try:
Wish it’s useful(sorry for my english)