Changing m2a Bitrate

Hi, hope me posting here is ok . . .

I’m a complete newb with vid stuff, but I’m just trying to get a handle on converting avi’s, etc to a dvd useable on a home dvd player. I found that many of the guides out there (such as have these excessively long guides. I found this one [ looks nicely to-the-point.
The problem is that when I try to author a DVD from IFOedit, I load in the video and audio steams (m2a) and go to author it, it fails due to ‘Too Many Frame Drops’. I believes this means that the audio bitrate is too high. But I havn’t found an app to convert the m2a into a lower bitrate . . . am I on the right track here? which app(s) should I use for this to change the m2a bitrate or to change it in the initial avi conversion?

Is this a stupid question or does no one out there know the answer? (I posted the same question in the Newb Forum, and after a week someone replied, suggesting I try the post here . . .)

You could try using Canopus Procoder 2 to convert virtually any format to any format, including AVI to MPG2. Easy to learn and use, transcodes between NTSC <-> PAL, 24fps <-> 30fps <-> 25fps without leaving jerks and jumps in the video, and keeps the audio/video sync correct.

The only downside to this, Canopus Procoder 2 is commercial and not particularly cheap.

Simply to alter the time length of the audio, you can use Nero Wave Editor. Load the audio stream and change the time without changing the pitch. A bit of trial and error may be required to get the exact timing you need, but it works.

Sometimes, converting between video format, example NTSC Film, 24fps to PAL 25fps, starting with a 90 minute film will give you approximately 85 minutes of video, but still 90 minutes of audio. Changing the time length of the audio in Nero Wave Editor to the same timing as the video will get rid of lip sync or dropped frame problems. You need to get the audio timing exactly right though, hence the “trial and error” bit.

you’re somewhat on the right track as far as diagnosing the problem. frame drops are caused by too high of an overall bitrate (video + audio + subs) so it’s not just the audio that’s causing the problem. i’d suggest lowering the video bitrate, as it’s likely much higher than it needs to be if you’re getting this error.