Changing m2a bitrate



Hi, hope me posting here is ok . . .

I’m a complete newb with vid stuff, but I’m just trying to get a handle on converting avi’s, etc to a dvd useable on a home dvd player. I found that many of the guides out there (such as have these excessively long guides. I found this one [ looks nicely to-the-point.
The problem is that when I try to author a DVD from IFOedit, I load in the video and audio steams (m2a) and go to author it, it fails due to ‘Too Many Frame Drops’. I believes this means that the audio bitrate is too high. But I havn’t found an app to convert the m2a into a lower bitrate . . . am I on the right track here? which app(s) should I use for this to change the m2a bitrate or to change it in the initail avi conversion?


Ummmm, is this question so stupid no one wants to reply? Or is it just that no one knows the answer . . . .


I would post it again here, maybe somebody more specialist on this topic can help:
(make sure you say you have allready posted it here so you dont get told off for cross-posting).

I dont know the answer, and I normally do if its posted in the newbie forum :).

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