Changing ISO Filename

I have ripped my concert DVDs using DVD Shrink, renamed the ISO files to something recognizable and most play fine on my media player.

However I have two that will not play if I change the filename.

Is there a way around this problem or am I stuck with two odd looking names?

Do you mean the filenames on the PC as once burned to DVD what it was called on the PC is irrelevant. Or the volume name that shows when the disc is inserted to an optical drive on a PC?

Thanks for replying.

Its the name that appears when the DVD is in the drive and I click on ‘my computer’.

After ripping an ISO I save it to the hard drive with this name plus the ISO extension.

If I transfer this ISO to my media player hardware it plays fine with this name.

If I change the filename (but leave the ISO extension) it will not play.

Other ISOs with changed filenames play fine.

Hope this makes sense.

What have you changed it/them to?

It could be a name format that the player can’t handle.

Presumable these ones are OK (playable) if you burn them without changing the name after the rip.

I have changed it from ‘DVD_VIDEO.ISO’ which plays to ‘Artist Name.ISO’ which does not play.

It does not seem to matter at what point I change the name. I have done it on the computer hard drive and on the media player hard drive and they dont play after either.

I have changed others (older DVDs) and they play OK.

Does it play now?

That worked.

Thanks alot.

Glad it worked.

The free app Imgburn is useful for changing volume names as it only allows acceptable characters & a space is not one of those.

Actually space IS in the UDF label. Besides the OP was talking about changing file name, not volume name.