Changing IDE channels?



I have this problem that my burner is not working properly anymore after I updated my firmware.

So I used Nero InfoTool and I found out that my Hard Drive is on the Secondary Master and my CD-RW is on the Secondary Slave. So my (stupid) question is that how do I put my Hard Drive on the Primary Master and my burner on the Secondary Master?

Thanks in advance!!


Did it work OK prior to updating the firmware? Just updating the firmware shouldn’t have made any difference in the functionality of the drive and how did the drives end up on the secondary channel to begin with?
But to solve your problem:
Get an 80 conductor IDE cable
Dig out the MB manual and locate the Primary and Secondary IDE connectors
Plug the new cable into the Primary IDE port on the MB
Plug the HD into the new cable
Change the jumper on the burner to Master or use cable select and change
the jumper to cable select


Okay first yes the burner did work before updating the firmware. I never had problems before updating.

Second, I almost didn’t understand anything you were saying lol. I guess that’s because I’m very dumb at stuff like this. Okay, I already have that 80 conductor cable thingie attached to the HD. What is MB manual and how do I locate the primary and secondary IDE connectors?

This is what I have:


MB is the motherboard manual. What kind is it? If you know what it is I’ll look up the info for you on the web, and if you don’t, lets just assume that the info you have thru Nero Infotool is correct and the remaining unused IDE connector on the MB is the Primary.
On the drives, both HD and burner, are diagrams that show the jumper positions for master/slave/CS(Cable Select). Follow them.