Changing ID... and another question

Hi there,

I wanted to change my ID (from to [CD Freaks]Gamefreak_cd_copy[CD Freaks], but how long does it take before I can see my results under that name? I changed my name yesterday, but today’s results were still under that name… If I change it, do I have to re-join the CD Freaks team?

And another question: how long does it take to complete one packet? Today I had my computer on for 8 hours, which I normally never do at home, but still I’m last on the resultslist. I wanna rank higher!


refresh, shows up instant

depends on cpu

on an old 386 it takes a loooon time for one
on my other p500 it’s about 10 mins for one

well i just looked and you are still , did you change the right field ? you need to put [CD Freaks]Gamefreak_cd_copy[CD Freaks] in the Realname field in your personal setting.

and yes the faster the cpu the higher you will go

Oops, then I must have changed the wrong field. I changed the field named “Your email address ( ID)” Can’t see the other field though “Real name”…

At home I have a Cel 433, so not much of a crackingmonster

Stupid, stupid, stupid I thought I had to change my ID in the client that was working n my pc, but I just had to update my profile… Anyways, it has worked