Changing front panel on 716A - impossible?

I’m putting together a new system, and I have 2 716A’s to install. They come with the beige panel, and black substitutes for those who want black.

The panel is held in place via 5 plastic tabs that snap into the main body. The side and bottom tabs can be pressed inward via a small clearnace hole, using a small screwdriver. These can be pressed down to release them. On the top there is no place to release the tab that’s there.

The instructions say to release the two side tabs, and slide the top outward, and then pull the whole front panel off. No way can this be done. And even if I also release the two bottom tabs, The panel will come forward a bit, but seems locked in via the top tab, which has no way to release it.

I’m very good at this sort of thing, but I see no way to swap the panels out.

Does anyone have any good tips??

Ron Hirsch

Pull the bottom away from the drive, that tips the face plate enough to release the top tab.

That’s the first approach I took. I released the 2 side tabs, and then the 2 bottom tabs. But it refused to release the panel.

I was afraid that I’d snap something if I exerted any more force than I was using.

And, I tried this on both units - same result - nothing released. And both bottom and both side tabs were compressed down.

I just did a 716 and 712 in the last month. Lay the drive upsidedown release the tabs and tip bottom out away from drive. If I remember correct about 1/4" away from the drive that tip release’s the top tab.

Slide it down. Put a little strength.

IIRC you have to open the drive tray with the pin supplied with your Plex first, then remove the tray bezel, just use a small screw driver to gently release the tabs. Seems my latest 716A didn’t come with a manual.

Can’t you just look at the ones that are NOT on the drive and see how they fit?

Yup. That’s the way. :iagree:

My drives came with a manual on the CD, and it said nothing about opening the tray. But just before I went online now, I wondered if the tray was blocking the removal, and I was going to try that.

When the message showed up saying that, I realized that had to be the case. And yes, it came off nicely now.

It would have been nice of the manual had said to get the tray out first!!

P.S. My units did not come with the audio cable to go to the mobo, but my friends did, Did you guys get the cables in the RETAIL package?

I didn’t receive an audio cable for my sound card in the retail package. You’ll have to purchase one seperately. Don’t worry, they’re cheap. Are you sure you need one, though?

I know they’re cheap. But it’s just a nuisance to have to go out and buy them, as I don’t have any in my “stock”.

I questioned a friend whether or not I need it. He thinks I do. Why else would there be the two connectors on the mobo, for CD1 and CD2?

It appears that if one uses the SATA version, the audio cables don’t seem to be needed, as there are no such connectors on the back panel of the SATA 716A?

It would seem that with all the connectors in the ATA133 cable that the audio would certainly fit there.

I dont think there is too many music playing programs that use the analog sound cable to play music. You dont need it. I have not used one in years yet i play all my CD audio fine. :wink:

Silly me.:rolleyes:
Thanks for the info, My first two Plextors had an actual manual (Book) that was in the box. So now I know where the manual is if I can find the CD.:bigsmile:

CD-Audio cable is entirely unnecessary…like hondablaster, i have not used one in years…

most all (decent) media playing software play CD-Audio through DAE…

some Asus motherboards (like both of mine) have a feature called “Instant Music” that allows you to play Audio CDs via your CD-ROM and keyboard without booting into an OS (through the on-board sound chip)…via some jumpers power is only supplied to the CD-ROM, keyboard and soundcard or something like that…though i’ve never tried this feature, you would need the CD-Audio cable connected to your soundcard/mobo…

other than that, audio cable is useless as majority of motherboards don’t have this feature nor would anyone probably use it (IMHO)…

I gave up and learned to live with Beige! It’s dead and in the shop anyway, so maybe they will send me a black one!