Changing from xp pro 32 to 64 bit

Maybe this is the wrong place to ask this?
I have an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5600 1.83 GHz 667 MHz 2 MB on my laptop. I am currently running XP PRO 32 Bit from what I (think I) can see my processor is capable of running the XP Pro 64 performance edition. I have 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM. I have an opportunity to have XP pro Corporate version installed on my laptop. I am doing some Consultancy / Independent Contractor work for a Co. in the states who have suggested I install the their Corporate 64 bit XP.

What are the advantages? If I do install will it just overwrite the 32 bit and be able to use with the benefits of the 64? Is there a downside to converting?

These might sound like stupid questions but I have received valuable advice from members here before. Enough where I can now understand what I couldn’t before asking for your support.

I’m a little long winded tonight. Thanks in advance.

first of you should check on the laptop manufacturer site if theres drivers for windows xp x64 cuz if there aint then theres really no point installing it , IMO you shouldnt bother cuz software compatbility is rather poor (there are far more softwares compatible with 32bit xp then 64bit) , windows xp x64 is also backward compatible so you can install softwares that werent intended to be used on x64 however there are exceptions some will just not install or work right and if your a gamer it wouldnt give you higher fps either , it doesnt offer any significant performance boost , you should stick with the 32bit xp

[B]edit[/B] heres a performance comparison

U personally will not have any advantage for xp 64 (unless u are using 64 software that really can use the fetch capability). But u can have a lot of disadvantages such as bad 64 bit drivers

If both of your CPU & motherboard are 64 bit compatible then you have no problem switching from 32 to 64 bit otherwise is going to be problematic.

In my opinion the major selling point of the x64 systems, is the amount of addressable RAM. I have 4GB of ram, but VISTA x32 only allocates 3.2ish GB. The rest is left for the PCIe and other built in HW.

Since you have a laptop, you wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) have that much RAM anyway.

Also, the x64 versions of XP and VISTA both do not allow ANY drivers to be installed, that are not digitally signed by Microsoft. That nice dialogue box to continue anyway when a driver is not signed, is not available in the x64 bit versions. So unless you laptop was available with a x64 bit OS I highly doubt you will be able to find all the drivers for it.


it’s not worth to instal x64 os for now … 1 - drivers, 2 - games, 3 - it wont be faster.