Changing formats



Hi guys hope some one can help here I have about 200 mp3s at 192 quality I want to put as many of these of these on to a disc but in mp3 format I can only get about 100 all that will fit onto a 700 mb disc, to play in my car that supports mp3 files.

No problems there, but my car stereo can also play wma files and I have been told that these are half the size of mp3s. So what do I use convert these files to wma, but still keeping the quality of this in wma. But also what programme is best to use and what quality setting on a wma file is the same as mp3 file in 192 .

I have db amp music converter but what codec do I need, is wave the same as wma or different. Or is it best to use nero to convert from mp3 to wma if nero does do this, or is there a better programme that people know off. ?


WMA is fine for the average persons ears with a portable player where quality isnt an issue, 64k WMA is about as good as 96k mp3 but as soon as you move up to say 128k mp3 and 128k WMA they are both as bad as each other, i personally can only listen to music at a minimum of 160Kbps Mp3 and i encode at 192kbps, so after about the 128k mark they are both on par with each other, if was you i’d stick with 192k mp3 as soon as you convert you will lose quality, stick with mp3 if you are coverting higher than 128k, WMA is really only a benefit at lower bit rates (sub 128k)