Changing firmwares On NEC-3500AG?

Hey all,

A few months ago I upgraded my NEC 3500 firmware to the 2.TD modified one I believe, and when I try to install the new 2.1A, it says that the drive cannot be found. :iagree:

I read through some of the threads here and I think I have to “dump” the 2.TD firmware and install the 2.1A. But the problem is I dont know how to do that. When I click on DUMP, it just makes a .bin file of it. Then when I try to install the 2.1A firmware, it still says drive cannot be found. Anything else I need to do somewhere between those steps?

Thanks all! :slight_smile:

Use Binflash and load the official .EXE firmware and then click flash.

When I download Binflash and try to open it up, all i get is a black box popping up and dissappearing in a split second. :sad:

Does this mean I have to go through DOS?


No, if you were able to apply the 2.TD firmware package. (2.TD is bundled with Binflash) then you should be able to use Binflash to flash. make sure you download the win32 GUI version of Binflash.

Ohhh, I was downloading the regular Win32 version, oooppss.

BTW, how do I load the original .exe firmware file onto binflasher? I dont see any options to do that.

Thanks alot for your help

Just figured out that I have to click on FLASH before loading the file.

Thanks again for your help m8! :slight_smile: