Changing firmware on same model?

i have a i/o magic dvd lightscribe burner which turns out to be a benq1625.
no i heard that the hpdvd640i is actually the same. i’d rather don’t use nero 6 (SUCKS) for burning rather the lightscribe software from hp. is there a possibility now to erase the i/o magic firmware (maybe benqs) and change it to the hpdvd640 firmware? when i just try to update, it tells my that my drive is not allowed or something like that. But when it is the same drive as the benq1625 there should be a possibility, right. the burning software from hp might work on the 1625, did not try yet, but i still would like to change the firmware to hpdvd640, due to better support. The benq1625 already doesn’t get mentioned anymore on their official website. That to support,firmware and driver access.

thanks a lot

…it’s possible, but far from advisable if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’d be willing to write out the steps, but I’ve only really messed with Sony/LiteON drives, so I don’t know how BenQ’s and their ilk work so far as flashing. Read up on it elsewhere in the form, search around on Google, but know that crossflashing voids your warranty and is potentially dangerous. You could end up with a paperweight.

There are plenty of other burning apps out there, some of which are free. Look around, read through the software section of the forums here, try some other stuff. As a genral rule the applications that come with an OEM drive like HP’s lightscibe app you’re talking about are downright pathetic. Dont get your hopes up too much.


Crossflashing using offical flashers will not work, in more than 99% of all cases.

I flashed my hp640 to a benq1625 some time ago, you’ll need a flash tool (forget which one now) and a .cvt file (use Search). The main advantage for me is that as a benq it can perform disc quality scanning with Nero CD-DVD Speed.

There’s nothing wrong with Nero if you update it to version (forget old bad experiences, I did that too). It includes LightScribe functionality (don’t forget to install the LS-driver first). If you must have an alternative, use Surething CD-DVD Labeler (there’s also a basic free version of this on the LS website, I think).

This would be the Benq cvt flasher then, suitable for real DOS.

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Flashing of drive.
Could be BenQ/Philps CVT v1.01 for DOS. It also may have been WinDWFlash. Take a look here. It may be of help.

If it’s LightScribe that is your only concern. Take a look here. You can download SureThingSE from this site for free, as well as latest LS drivers. No need to do anything to your drive then.

Hmmm…I think i gotta check out the labeling programm you recommend. Sounds good.

Do you have any reason why the benq1625 is not supported on the website anymore but the hpdvd640 still is? I thought that might be a strong reason to change firmware, but maybe not. Do you know any specs difference? :rolleyes:

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If by support you mean f/w etc. Take a look here. & here.