Changing firmware name!

Does any body know how to change the drive’s name in firmware , so that it would appear as a different name than the original when connecting it to any PC , in BIOS , POST and windows device manager ?
It has to be inside firmware of the drive , so that it would appear in other PCs , not just one.
Is there any program that can edit f/w file for changing the name ?

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I have no idea what you really want to achieve by all this “slightly damaging a drive” etc… it’s crazy.

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I am not liable for anything you’re doing, even if you have read this post before you did do anything including frying your drive, or killing your kids.

Of course, most firmware files have the drive’s name stored at least once in clear text. Many drives and/or flashers will reject these firmwares though.

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I don’t want to do this coz I am a bad person , but because our RMA policy is very unjust . :doh:

See here: