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Does anyone know how to change what programs open whichever file extensions in Windows 98. I deleted PSP 6 but all my files are saving as Paint Shop Pro images. I use Photoshop now and it’s screwing everything up.


I don’t know for sure what you want to know,but I Hope I have got it right.
Goto settings>folderoptions>filestypes.
Here you can edit which sort of file is opened with which program.



just download change type at



or use

Properties Plus 1.65

Found at


best way is stil doing it yourself, so you can learn by it too, not just let o prog do it for you, do it manually you’ll learn from it for sure


There is an even more easier way.
In explorer click on a file (once).
Now that it is selected press the right shift button and click with your right mouse button. You now have the option open with…
Press it and select the program to open this file with. Thick the box allways open with… and presto. In the future this extension is opened with this prog.
Very handy sometimes.

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Yep, Tony A. ^^^^^^

Has the right idea, it even asks you if you want to use it for that same type of file.


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thanks guys for the help.


Is’nt there an option in Photoshop that you can select so that it add’s all it file types again ?

Update file types or such like. That option is in many program’s these days. Not having Photoshop myself i would’nt know but it’s worth looking at if you do something similar again



Yeah, i believe what your talking about is called Image Ready. It only comes with Photoshop 5.5. Go here to get it .