Changing DVD+R-DL's booktype in Optiarc 5630A not possible with necflash

Hi there,

First of all, thanks a lot to Liggy for developing necflash. It has dumped the firmware (1AHM) of my Optiarc AD-5630A DVD drive and flashed Liggy’s RPC1-version without problems under MacOSX.

However, necflash does not seem to be able to change the DVD+R-DL’s book type:

$ necflash -querybt A:
Binflash - NEC version - (C) by Liggy and Herrie

Currently no disc is inserted
Permanent booktype for DVD+R is DVD-ROM
Permanent booktype for DVD+RW is DVD-ROM
The permanent booktype on DVD+R-DL cannot be changed

I, of course, haven’t managed to change the book type to DVD-ROM (neither Temp nor Perm booktype arguments worked). I have also looked for a booktype firmware modification to no avail.

My question to Liggy is, Is this a physical limitation on the drive which makes setting the DL book type impossible through a firmware modification?


I just checked the sourcecode for the booktype routine and I think a little rework here for the next Binflash version would be a good idea. However something on your machine does not seem to support the command for querying the permanent booktype. Even the results that are displayed for DVD+R and DVD+RW may be wrong.

I know that on Linux some commands are blocked when the program is not run with root privileges. While I’m not aware of any such problems on OS X, you might try running the program via sudo.

Although the booktype settings cannot be read properly, the commands for setting a new booktype may still work.

Thanks for the repy, I’ll try to run the booktype query as root and see what happens.

As for setting the booktype, it also failed before (not as root though). I’ll test this too.

By the way, is there any documentation on the firmware’s structure? (is necflash’s sourcecode available? I havent’s managed to find it).

I just tried to query and set the booktype as root, but it didn’t help :S

[QUOTE=the_fonz;2485725]By the way, is there any documentation on the firmware’s structure? (is necflash’s sourcecode available? I havent’s managed to find it).[/QUOTE]
I’m not aware of a structure for the firmwares. I know some small areas and find most of them by searching for specific patterns.

The Binflash sourcecode is not available to public, however I gave access to the sourcecode to some people who helped me in the development. But that was before I had to move everything to my own server.

Could you provide the dumped firmware to me? Could be that it doesn’t support changing the booktype at all and the displayed values are just shown because the drive responds to an old Ricoh commandset for booktype changes.

The file was too large to be attached so I uploaded it to mediafire. Here it is

It’s the original firmware as dumped by necflash.

I just checked and this firmware indeed does not have the required bitsetting routine so you’re probably out of luck until someone can provide a retail firmware for the 5630A.

Hi Liggy,

I’m not sure I get what you mean by “retail”. The firmware file I linked was dumped from the device by necflash without being modified.


retail would mean a firmware directly from Optiarc - not from Apple. Maybe even the firmware of a different OEM - with at least basic bitsetting capabilities.

However I don’t think there will be a firmware directly from Optiarc because this drive isn’t listed on their site.