Changing dvd-r dl to more recognized format (Canon DC 310 camcorder)

[qanda]This thread is about the Canon DC 310 - camcorder - DVD-R (8cm), DVD-RW (8 cm), DVD-R DL (8 cm). Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I recorded an event last night at our church and used a Canon DC310 camcorder. It uses DVD-R and -R DL discs, I opted for the DL disc so I could naturally film longer without interruption. Now it’s done and seems to play fine in the camcorder, but doesn’t seem to want to play the second layer in my stand alone DVD player or my HP Pavillion computer. I need to burn copies for many others but I’m afraid this will be a problem for them too. Is it possible to change or convert it to DVD+R or any other format? I only have two chapters on the disc. I’m new to copying DVD’s but I am very familiar with PC’s and software, so I should be able to figure it out with a little help and steering me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!

Copy the files from the -R discs in Windows Explorer to your hard disk and then burn them to + media with a regular burning program that you like. is one that is free and should work for your task.


Well, since a dual layer mini dvd can contain about 2.7GB of data you could use Imgburn to create an ISO and then burn that iso to a single layer standard size DVD. If you choose DVD+R you will achieve better compatibility if your burner supports bit setting (change the booktype to DVD-ROM). DVD-R will work as well because it doesn’t require bit setting. Either way, use good media like Verbatim or TY and burn at 12X or 8X if your burner supports those speeds.

Thanks for the good advice… going to try it now.

Well so far no luck… the whole video plays fine in the camcorder, but not a single DVD player or PC wants to play the 2nd chapter (the dual layer). I copied the disc onto a full size DVD-R using Imgburn and the copy did the same thing… the 2nd chapter won’t play. Don’t know if this is a Canon issue or a general DVD-R DL issue?!

Put the mini disc in your pc’s DVD reader, go to My Computer, right click on the DVD drive, select Explore, and see what files are there. Post back.

Exploring the disc… first is a folder named VIDEO_TS, inside are 11 files…

The size of all the files together is 2.4 gigs. Like I said earlier… the second chapter plays in the camcorder, just not in my PC or any DVD player I have tried. If it’s because of the dual layer disc, I was hoping I could somehow change the disc type and all would be well, but that didn’t work.

Seeing that the disc is 2.4 gigs should mean that it reads the dual layer… right? Strange that it will not play the chapter but I can see the data in explorer.

Do the same files appear on the DVD that you burned?


Then it probably doesn’t have anything to do with the dual layer.

Try DVD Shrink, Just start the program and select Open Disc, check the box for video preview, Shrink will start analyzing the disk. It should play all the way through.