Changing drive speed for DVD-Rom and Blu-Ray Rom


my name’s Ben and I just signed up for this forum.

I have a question concerning the speed of a dvd-rom and/or Blu-Ray rom. I want to use it as a HTPC drive and so don’t want to hear any noise. I tested the Pioneer Blu-Ray DVD writer BDC-202, the LG HD DVD / Blu-RAy G GGC-H20LRB and the Sony Drive BDU-X10S.

I have to say the Sony is perfect when playing Blu-RTay, Ok when playing DVD but much too loud when playing Audio CD. The Pioneer and the LG are far far away from a HTPC drive.

I tried differnet kind of software, CDBRemse, Nero Drivespeed and also the Slysoft Tools. In most times it works but unfortunatelly not perfect. Sometimes it’s getting loud for a few secsand the slows down again. For me not accepatble.

Does anyone here know a Blu-Ray Rom (a DVD writer is not a must) to just play Blu-Ray, DVD and Audio CD silently. Another option would be that someone modifies the drive or write a software that can do this.

I’m prettyinterested in this and of course would pay this. I have lot’s of friends and customers here who are also interested.

Same for a DVD Rom (if the customer don’t want Blu-Ray yet).

If anyone is interested please post or send me a short message.

Thanks in advance



The Sony Drive BDU-X10S is one of the most silent drive i have used in regards to Blu-ray playing.

The ASUS HR-0205T HD DVD-ROM I reviewed was silent but it was a HD DVD-ROM and not Blu-ray and I never really paid attention to the DVD and CD playing (I will make note of that in the future)

Maybe Kip could fill us in on the noise level of the ASUS BC-1205PT drive?


Thank you very much for the answer. That’s my experienxe as well. The Sony is the most silent drive I had regarding to Blu-Ray and DVD (well could be a bit more silent but is acceptable in comparison to the others). The biggest Problem is the Audio CD (Specification of the drive is 24* reading). I found out that the drive works with AnyDVD and partly with CDBremse BUT in some cases it’s getting loud for a few secs and then slows down again. That’s a bit disturbing.



Hi Again,

I installed a software called forced ASPI and I have the impression CDBremse now works better with the drive.

Does anyone here have a better solution? I saw the Samsung has this MagicSpeed Tool for allit:s drives but I did not find a Blu-Ray drive there

Thanks in advance