Changing drive speed for DVD-Rom and Blu-Ray Rom


my name’s Ben and I just signed up for this forum.

I have a question concerning the speed of a dvd-rom and/or Blu-Ray rom. I want to use it as a HTPC drive and so don’t want to hear any noise. I tested the Pioneer Blu-Ray DVD writer BDC-202, the LG HD DVD / Blu-RAy G GGC-H20LRB and the Sony Drive BDU-X10S.

I have to say the Sony is perfect when playing Blu-RTay, Ok when playing DVD but much too loud when playing Audio CD. The Pioneer and the LG are far far away from a HTPC drive.

I tried differnet kind of software, CDBRemse, Nero Drivespeed and also the Slysoft Tools. In most times it works but unfortunatelly not perfect. Sometimes it’s getting loud for a few secsand the slows down again. For me not accepatble.

Does anyone here know a Blu-Ray Rom (a DVD writer is not a must) to just play Blu-Ray, DVD and Audio CD silently. Another option would be that someone modifies the drive or write a software that can do this.

I’m prettyinterested in this and of course would pay this. I have lot’s of friends and customers here who are also interested.

Same for a DVD Rom (if the customer don’t want Blu-Ray yet).

If anyone is interested please post or send me a short message.

Thanks in advance