Changing drive names in Win2k?

I want to change the names of my optical drives, since I always forget what letter is attached to what drive…

Now it says:
‘Compay Disc (H:)’ and I want it to say something I defined (e.g. ‘Plextor CDRW drive’)… is this possible (registry key)?

It’s quite simple.
Open administrative tools
Goto computer management
Open disk management
Select drive you want
Right click
Select change drive letter and path


but then when you put a game CD in the drive you won’t be able to see what it says cos it will say ‘Plextor CDRW’

benxx -> that does not work :wink:

Yorke_19 -> i don’t care :slight_smile:

You can’t change the names of the optical drives, but this is a workaround:

Go to My Computer, right-click on each drive and create a shortcut on the desktop. Rename the shortcuts as you desire. Then if you get confused and forget the drive letter associations you can look at the customized desktop icon description instead of a generic description. :wink:

Win98 requires a readable disk to be in the drive before it can be renamed, but WinXP (and probably Win2000) does not.

I guess it can be done only through modifying the motherboard BIOS or drive’s firmware.