Changing Drive letters



I just installed a card reader in my new computer and it completely screwed up my drive letters, it has four slots and assigned a drive letter to each. Its an internally mounted USB reader, so it shows up as 4 different USB mass storage devices. Can I change these letters with my DVD drive so they will read in order? Or will changing the drive letter from a USB device to a DVD-RW screw things up.


Change them as you see fit, no problems will occur.


nah m8 should be fine, you can change drive letters by going into

control panel>admin tools>comp management>disk management>

you can then right click on whatever device and change it, one thing though is that say for example you want to change device x to :F and something else is using :F you will need to change the device using :F to something else that isnt being used first.

letter changes should only screw with things such as links if you are say running a program from :F and you change :F to :E you will need to change the link to point to :E, but for card readers and Opticals it shouldnt be a problem unless you are e.g linking to a specific drive with an icon on the desktop etc


Thanks to both you and Mr. Brownstone. I am up to 0 already and would like to keep them in order. As “A” is the Floppy and “C” is my Raptor, then we get all mixed up as to what is what. I would like to make all my BenQs (6) E,f,g,h,i,j,then my Necs K,L, and my LG 4163 M, and then the card reader O,p,Q,R. (Saving D for a second HD)


Take a look at this:


Thanks Ashmo, but my problem was not drive letter related. I hooked my printer which is connected by a parralell port cable (ilink) so it took up the one internal firewire port I had, so when I turned on my external DVD-Drive connected by firewire external it did not work, I guess this MB only supports 1 firewire device, so luckily my external DVD-RW also connects by USB2 and as soon as I used the USB cable it worked fine. I cannot believe this ASUS MB A8N32-SLI-Dekuxe only supports 1 firewire device. Now I have an external firewire port I can’t use, because of my printer.


alan1476, when you say “ilink” are you talking about a ordinary printer parallel cable or an adapter cable. Any pic or link?
(The only “ilink” cable I can think of would be USB to parallel)
Reason I ask this is because your mobo has a Parallel port that can be used by ordinary IEEE 1284 parallel printer cable.

According to your mobo’s manual you have two firewire connectors (sec. 2-28) and onbord parallel port is working like any ordinary printer port with its own address and IRQ (sec 4-29).


i-link is another name for IEEE194 aka FireWire.

Parallel port and nowadays more and more printers are connected via usb.


Thanks chef for enlightening me… :smiley: Although I think there is a typo, the firewire I know of is IEEE [B]1394[/B].

alan1476, if you indeed connected your printer to firewire then I’m not surprised you only have one firewire port available now. :wink:


Yes Pinto2, it was my mistake, you are exactly right its 1284 not 1394. My mistake.