Changing Country Locale in Windows Me

During the re-installation of Windows Me after reformatting my HD I inadvertently accepted the United States as the country of origin, the default country in Windows Me, when I should have changed the locale to Canada. When I attempted to install CloneCD, I was advised that since my system indicated the United States as the country of origin the CloneCD functions “Amplify Weak Sectors” and “Hide CDR Media” would be disabled because of U.S. laws.

Is this critical to the functioning of CloneCD? Is there an easy way to change the country locale from the United States to Canada? What happens to my existing data should I re-install Windows Me?

Any help will be appreciated!

In Win2K/Win95/Win98 you can change the locale on the configuration screen -> regional settings

I am not sure if this is the same for WinME… :slight_smile:

Originally posted by MySens
Is this critical to the functioning of CloneCD?
No… It will help you make better back-ups of SafeDisc 2 protected titles but if you already have a capable burner ( won’t need this. And if you don’t you can still always try BetaBlocker :smiley:

OLLI posted on the Clinic board that the only thing you have to do is change the Region settings in the control panel to read something different then USA or UK.

I changed my regional settings and I now have the “Amplify weak sectors” option available