Changing burners!



As I cannot seem to find answers to my first post re; Pioneer DVR-109, I am
now considering replacing the Pioneer with another make, but! I have used
the Pioneer 109 to make more than twenty Virtual CD’s of my genealogy references and it has been commented that if I do change I will lose many,
if not all, of my virtual CD’s and will have to spend hours putting them on
the machine again, does this sound correct, or can I change burners without
such a penalty.

Thanks for any assistance.



I can’t see that you should have any problems changing burners.

Not really sure what you mean by a virtual CD in this context though. Maybe you could elaborate on this a bit please.

Edit: I’ve just read your other thread.

You could easily install an additional burner or DVD-ROM in your system I think by installing a PCI IDE card and locating one or more of your HDDs on that & the optical drives on the motherboard IDE channels. I suggest this approach as not all optical drives work well on these add-on cards.
I’ve used this approach & it works well.
This way you keep the Pio 109 & gain another burner/reader & have peace of mind into the process.


Hi TimC.

Thanks for responding.

Virtual drives are progs that allow you to install the software and access
it without having the CD in the drive, it mounts an image (if thats the right
term) and unfortunately I have no room left for another internal drive, and
as I see it I may have to resort to an external caddy/drive via usb, but this
can be costly!.

Getting back to the Pioneer burners, today I tried installing on the NBI2 on
a Pioneer DVR-111a, a new burner that a friend has recently put in his puter
but once again it will say it has installed successfully but still not open.???

It looks very much like a different burner is required and I only hope that I do
not have to re-install every virtual drive again.



What software did you use to create your virtual drives? You will likely have to reload the software to get it to detect your drive, or you may be able to edit the registry if you can find exactly where and what to change.



I knew what virtual drives were , I was sure what you meant by Virtual CDs that you’d created. Mountable disk images is what I’d call them I guess.

I’m not up on protection issues at all so I can’t add much more to this now.

Would it make sense for me to merge these 2 threads as I can do that in this forum?


Hi TimC.

I used ‘Virtual CD v8’ and perhaps you have given me a clue, if I change the
burner then as you say maybe I will only have to reinstall ‘Virtual CD’ via the
new peripoheral and it should detect all the images (if thats the word) that
already exist on the H/D!.

It looks as though I have two options, change the burner or opt for an
external usb hard drive of another make, the cheapest way out though is
to change the Pioneer and as I am an aged pensioner on very limited income
I may have to do the latter.

By all means merge the two post if you wish, and thanks for responding.