Changing Booktype

I’m using a Pioneer DVR-110 and want to back up my car navigation dvd. Will DVD Decrypter allow me to change the Book type using the DVR-110? I found where to change the setting but Pioneer is not listed. Any help is appreciated!

Last I saw, there was not way to change booktype with a pioneer drive.

here is a link to a thread that might help you:

here is a quote from the last page :

wrote by rmtaibo
“Sure have downloaded fw 1.22 patched by The Dangerous Brothers
The ROM booktype feature in Pioneer drives is not selectable (yet)
It writes DVD-ROM specs by default in +R media (SL & DL)
Does not work with +RW media, but if you have an older recorder that support this, you can change it before burning and your Pioneer drive will maintain it”

Thanks. I am trying to backup a navigation dvd. I am using dvd+r dl and the type is labeled as dvd-rom after copying but the unit in my car keeps saying it is not formatted. From what I’ve read I guess it just can’t be done! Oh well…Thanks anyway.