Changing booktype on dvd+r pls help

Hi, I’m new to all of this and I’m about to go out and buy my first pack of discs to use with my new NEC 2510.
Basically, how can I set the booktype on dvd+r media? I don’t want to change the firmware to anything unofficial though. I’ve got that new version of nero with booktype setting, will that work?

Also besides all of that, is fuji dvd-r 8x media any good?

Check out the stick at the top of the forums page.

Here is the link.

Also, in regards to your dvd media check out this link here.

Ive read all of those already, the one about booktype is for double layer media, and the thread about media doesn’t mention anything about those new fuji 8x ones apart from a guy asking a similar question to me. :\

thanks still.

if you read them you know

  1. booktype is not available without a hacked firmware
  2. for the fuji 8x we would need the mid codes and checking in the media forum is your best bet

fuji dvd-r 8x media any good?

nop they are DVD-R, you need DVD+R to booktype them to DVD-ROM.