Changing Booktype of DVD+RW AFTER burn


I am trying to determine if it is indeed possible to change the booktype of a DVD+RW (to DVD-ROM) after the disc has been burned - and if so how?

I have seen references in google searches that indicate it is possible, as well as an old thread from here that suggests so as well.

For background the burner I’d like to use to modify the setting is a Samsung S203N with factory F/W.

I had this drive in my main desktop PC and used it for burning and setting the booktype on my DVD+RW’s, but replaced it with an older IDE model (LG GSA-H10N) when I upgraded my HDD to a SSD and enabled ACHI (THAT, in turn screwed up bitsetting on the Samsung SATA writer). The Samsung is now in an older XP machine.

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It’s possible with some drives, e.g. some LiteOn drives.
I don’t know about your Samsung drive.

You can try using ImgBurn:
Tools => Drive => Change Book Type…

Unless you absolutely need it for some reason, I suggest that you don’t change the Book Type of DVD+RW discs - it confuses some burning programs.

Thanks for the fast response.

Imgburn is the software I use, but it doesn’t look like it actually writes to the drive when doing the booktype change (I get the “success!”) confirmation - I assumed it only wrote that info when the disc was subsequently burned. Since I am attempting this on a previously burned disc, I’m not sure how to proceed.

I’m using the RW’s so that they will play in a standalone Panasonic DVD player. I don’t think they work if left as DVD+RW.

As mentioned, this all came about when I enabled AHCI on the PC that the Samsung was previously installed in. Once AHCI was enabled, it could not do things like change booktype (as it could when in IDE mode). Unfortunately that PC has an older Motherboard/BIOS and can’t set the modes for different SATA devices. In order to run the SSD in the preferred AHCI mode, I thought I could do the bitsetting on the Samsung on a dfferent PC that isn’t using AHCI (and burn the data with the older LG drive running in IDE mode). Sort of a chicken v.s. egg scenario…

I dunno that it’s possible to edit the booktype of a disc containing data without rewriting it all. If that’s true, copying the disc as an image and re-writing the image should work.

[QUOTE=Albert;2653106]I dunno that it’s possible to edit the booktype of a disc containing data without rewriting it all…[/QUOTE]

I wouldn’t have thought so either until I found this thread on the imgburn forum (see the third paragraph in the quoted section of the first post).

Since it was on their forum, I have posted the question there as well.

If this isn’t possible, I would have to do something like what you suggest or disable AHCI on my main PC and put the Samsung SATA burner back in that machine…