Changing Booktype In CloneDVD



Hi There,

Is it possible to change the booktype when burning with CloneDVD?
I can’t find it.

DVD Media i use is TDK DVD+R 4,7GB

When i burn the movie with cloneDVD it keeps the booktype DVD+R and cannot be played on a player that only supports DVD-ROM

But when i select save the files to a map with cloneDVD
And then burn them with Nero 7 to a empty DVD+R it’s set the booktype automatic to DVD-Rom .
So he will play also on a player that only supports DVD-Rom

So is there away to set the booktype in CloneDVD so he will burn it as DVD-Rom??? so i don’t need to use Nero

AnyOne can help me? Don’t say buy DVD-R discs :confused:


CloneDVD & CloneCD do not allow setting of booktype. What burner are you using? Most manufacturers offer tools to set the default booktype for DVD+R/DVD+R-DL media.


If your burner allows booktyping, Nero’s CD-DVD Speed program will book type for you prior to burning with CloneDVD2…One time setting…


My BenQ 1655 burner just (natively) bitsets via the Q-Suite utility but I always wondered about something if one uses Nero’s CD-DVD Speed to booktype media. Does CD-DVD Speed have to be open and running to change the disk to ROM?



For my Sony810UL (BQ1640) I ran Nero CD DVD Speed one time to set booktyping and the setting stays on until intentionally changed. Ran it once about 8-8 months ago and haven’t run it again…