Changing Book Type


I am reposting this year as I thought I posted in in the wrong place.

I have a SONY DVD WRITER (DW-D23A) and noticed that I am unable to change the book type to DVD ROM when using DVD +R DL.
I have tried changing the book type in Image Writer (using the LITE ON settings) and even though I get a succesful confirmation that the book type has been changed to DVD ROM I still notice in the main Window that it is set to DVD +R DL.
I also tried doing it with NERO and have the same issues.
I then tried to update the firmware CSY1 using a firmware for LITE ON 1563S. Even though I was succesful in updating it it made no difference when it came to changing the book type.
Can anyone help please?

How are you determining that the book type hasn’t been changed?

Nero’s CD-DVD Speed & the disk info tab should tell you exactly what’s set or not.

Most burner will auto set DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM but I don’t know about the Sony.

I checked with CD-DVD Speed and it says book type DVD +R DL.
Also, with Image Writer when I check in the info window I can see book type DVD +R DL.

I can burn DL discs but I seem to be unable to change the book type in both NERO and Image Writer. In the case of the former I use nero burning, choose my recorder, press option and select the book type for DVD +R DL. Even though I get a confirmation it has been done when I run CD-DVD speed it still says book type DVD +R DL.
Same with Image Writer; I right click on the recorder name, change book type, get confirmation it has been done (I use the LITE ON Settings) and then , when I check the info window I see book type DVD +R DL.
Believe you me this is driving me crazy.

You know that there’s an option in CD-DVD Speed to display Disc Type or Book Type , which defaults to Disc Type. It’s under Options.
Have you set this?


I checked a DL disc I just burned and CD-DVD SPEED says BookType DVD ROM. So, it seems it works and it does burn using the DVD ROM book type.
Thanks for your replies.