Changing bios it8212f ide card

hi all, in my quest to find ide cards that support optical drives i have found
a card with the right chipset.
problem is that according to the ite website FAQ
what i need to do is flash the cards bios from the “raid bios”
to the “atapi bios”.
i have downloaded the flashing utility and the correct bios file from HERE
but i’m not sure on how to do this???
the faq says this needs to be done in “pure DOS mode”, i have no experience with this??
also can’t find a guide that explains the process.
if anyone is able to help, i would really appreciate it :slight_smile:
thank you

pure dos mode means real dos booted thru a floppy or cd (windows command prompt doesnt count)
anyway ive made it easy for you and created a bootable iso & floppy creator , both contains the atapi bios & flasher of course , get it here

file descriptions

floppy-creator.exe = creates a bootable floppy with all the nessasry files… , ,run it and click ok,wait til it finishes,the floppy will be automatically formatted so existing data will be lost

212fbios.iso = bootable iso,burn as image with any burnning software,or with imgburn or active iso burner

[B]NOTES[/B] : just incase it isnt obvious you need to use only 1 of the methods (floppy or cd) , now lets talk about the pros and cons of each method , the flasher creates a backup of the current bios before updating , if youll use the floppy way it will be saved to it but if youll use the cd way it will be saved to a ramdrive (which will be gone after a restart of course,not a big deal IMO cuz if it will go south from some reason you could just exit the flasher and re-run it by typing iteflash,then input the file name of the backup bios)

imgburn can be downloaded from & active iso burner from

after creating the floppy or burnning the ISO , restart and enter bios ,youll need to set boot device priority properly… so it will be able to boot from the floppy or cd , after the flasher started it will prompt you “please put name to program” or somethin like that , type int13h.bin and hit enter , then the current bios will be backed up to backup.bin & then it will flash with the new one (according to the faq the backup process should be automatic but if not and it will prompt you for backup bios file name then just hit enter) , after the flashing is done , eject the cd or floppy from the drive and restart , goodluck :smiley:

that is FANTASTIC :slight_smile:
thank you very much mr easterbunny :clap: :clap: :clap:

ok, got the iso loaded ok, but when i get to input the update file,
the BLANK CHECK , and the VERIFY both fail,
the check input file, and the PROGRAM both say OK

give more details and try to keep it simple (i really cant understand much from blank check & verify failing), describe what exactly happens after your in the flasher,what it tells you & what you input to it

ok, when i boot from the floppy i get this screen
then i input int13h.bin, hit enter and get this

are you sure the card is ITE branded? if its just an ite 8212f based card by some other brand like stlab/sunix/q-tec etc then you should obtain the bios from their site and not from ITE’s

that doesnt look good,does the card still work right after a restart? or you havnt restarted the other pc yet? if you havnt then exit the flasher by pressing the ESC key and type these one after another and press enter after each
copy backup.bin backup2.bin
then on the input file name insert backup2.bin,as you can see the first command copied the backup file to another, usefull considering you dont know if the flasher will over-write the backup and attempt to do it again…

the card and the box it came in have ZERO brand names on it, i have googled every number on the card, nothing…
card still works as a raid card, but i have no use for a raid card.
ide cards for opticals are very hard to find in australia

their very hard to find anywhere,anyway on ITE’s site they mention the flasher should work with these flash chips SST 39SF512/39SF010/39VF512; ATMEL AT49F010 , take out the card and have a look see if you can find one of em (might wanna use a magnifier)

none of those are printed on either of the chips on my card :sad:
thanks anyway :slight_smile:

well its not hopeless yet,email ITE and tell em about it , include links to screenshots too , they might send you an older version of the flasher that might work , if they do just upload it somewhere and post here and ill create a new ISO with it so youll give it a try

i have emailed ITE, now will have to wait…
bugger that, because i’m impatient i have bought another 4 cards, 3 of which
i’m confident will work ok with opticals

i found some cards on ebay with this chipset that are flashable, luckily i kept the floppy image and re flashed them :slight_smile:
thanks again easterbunny :clap:

Never heard this before that you can flash the bios of controller card from raid to atapi.

Well, we are never too old to learn something new. :bigsmile:
This was often discussed in the big IDE controllers thread


Is this issue discussion topic or actual fact?.