Changing AVI to a format that all DVD players can play?



Hello everybody,

I’m new here and i would like to ask some questions regarding dvds.
I downloaded some movies, but all of them is in avi format.
I want to put it in sony dvd+r so that my family could watch it on a dvd player.
I have Magic Video Converter and ConvertXtoDVD.
What format should i change it to and what software to use?
Thank you (:


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

There are two alternatives: using a software like convertxtodvd to convert the avi into a standard video dvd formato, or buy a standalone player able to read also avi files.

If you have a lot of these conversions to do, the easiest solution is the standalone. If you need to convert only few files, then the software is the best alternative.