Changing audio bitrate on a movie


So my friend ripped me a copy of a film he owns and for some reason my surround sound doesn’t like the bitrate. I know this because I have a film on my PS3 with the same audio codec but just a lower bitrate.

So is there a program (Apple preferably) that could lower the bitrate without changing it from 5.1?

I know that’s probably a lot to ask. Thanks for any help.

What is the audio format and bitrate?..The devil’s in the [I]details[/I]…

@throoper: Perhaps you should re-read the rules.

So my friend ripped me a copy of a film

implies you don’t own the movie. Sorry, we can’t help you then. PM me if the film in question is public domain and I’ll reopen this thread.
well according to the OP:

It’s a film he directed, wrote and edited. I just want to watch it and have it on my PS3.