Changing around IDE devices

I need to change

[li]my 24x cdrw [currently set on 2ndry slave] to the primary master setting.
[/li][li]my 50x cd rom [currently set on primary slave] to 2ndry master
[/li][li]my 4x cdrw [currently set on 2ndry master] to 2ndry slave
[/li][/ul]I want to leave my HDD on primary master.
How easy is the above to do?How do i do it?

[edit]if ^^ is unclear this is my current settings:
Primary Master = Hard Drive
Primary Slave = 50x Cdrom
Secondary Master = 4x cdrw
Secondary Slave = 24x cdrw

I want to change that to
Primary Master = Hard Drive
Primary Slave =24x cdrw
Secondary Master = 50x cdrw
Secondary Slave = 4x cdrw [/edit]

When all these changes are made, do i need to re-instal burning software or the drive’s drivers or anything.

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to change cables for some devices and jumper settings so all settings will become effective.

As far as I know, you do not need to reinstall the software or any other driver. You should, however, check your BIOS to see if any settings need changing there, but I don’t think so (I assume everything but primary master is eitehr set to CD-ROM or AUTO)

If i get it correctly you wanna change places between the sec master (currenlty 4x cdrw - ide 2) and primary slave (currently 50x cdrom - ide 1).
I assume both are atapi drives…

Check your bios settings, so that all devices (but hdd) are set to “auto” or “cd-rom”. Note that they sould not be setted to “user”

Take out the 50x cdrom, put the jumper from slave to master setting.
Take out the 4x cdrw , put the jumper from master to slave setting.
Put back the cdrom on ide2 and the cdrw to ide1.

Change nothing else, just reboot.

Windows will be able to see the change. After rebooting get in bios and check that all devices are correctly stated. When you get in windows go to system devices and check that all devices are recognized and operating.

Burning software will see the change, no drivers need to be reinstalled :wink:

I just had a look on bios (Award Modular Bios v4.51PG). I went to Bios—>Inergrated Peripherals {<-- right?}
I got the following options [ul][li]Primary Master PIO
[/li][li]Primary Slave PIO
[/li][li]Secondary Master PIO
[/li][li]Secondary Slave PIO
[/li][li]Primary Master UDMA
[/li][li]Primary Slave UDMA
[/li][li]Secondary Master UDMA
[/li][li]Secondary Slave UDMA[/ul]All these had auto, however for the PIO ones the possible options are:
[/li][li]Mode 0
[/li][li]Mode 1
[/li][li]Mode 2
[/li][li]Mode 3
[/li][li]Mode 4[/ul]And for the UDMA ones the possible options are:[ul]
Can you tell me is something wrong [because there’s no User or CD-ROM options!!!].Am i looking in the right place? Is it 'cos i have an old BIOS?
Do i ned to change any BIOS settings for what i want to inthe original post? Whats the difference between PIO and UDMA and why do i have both in my bios as shown above.
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

btw, i exited without saving just to be safe until i know what needs changing.

The only thing you have to do is change the cables (when your pc is shut down :p)!
You won’t have to reïnstall software and windows automaticly changes the driveletters. (you can change them back lateron if you like that)
For that best performance set DMA for all devices!