Changing ANY media speed (4167b)

When I burn something using a cd-rw in nero, the wrinting speed is locked ! I can’t change it ! Why ? I thought it was a media problem, but I tried using 3 different types - LG 4167b

And recording an audio CD, Nero gives me 4x,8x,16x,32x…options. Where is the 12x ???

How Can I change these things ? :bow:

Because CD-RW is different!

You cannot ever change speeds on RW media. This is a rule no one can bend.

I could change it on my previous LG recorder ! I put a 12x cdr-rw, but I’d like to burn it in 8x :confused:

How about the 12x ? Why nero jumps from 8x to 16x ? How can I change it ?

12x cd-rw means 12x max.

I know that. If the cd-rw is 12x max, I should choose: 2x,4x,8x or 12x, right ?
But nero locks the wrinting speed at 10x ! I can’t change !

See this URL with a screenshot:

This probably happens because your writer does not support 12x for CD-RW. I can’t be totally sure because I cannot access my 4167B at the moment to check.

The next thing you are going to ask is why since your older LG writer would support it while your 4167B does not. You are probably not going to like the answer but the truth is, CD-RW is a rather outdated format and most drive manufacturers probably don’t want to waste time and effort supporting the full range of features (e.g. all possible write speeds) for it anymore. The fact is that most customers don’t use CD-RW discs much anymore. However, drive manufacturers have to put CD-RW support in their drives because other drive manufacturers are doing so. If they don’t, their drives will look like it has less feature and customers will not buy. So what they do is to put in CD-RW support, but not for all formats. They will support the fastest and latest format for CD-RW though (32x) but every other speed is not really that important to them.

As for why your older LG writer supported 12x, it is simple : a short time back CD-RW discs were still more important, so they included better support for it. Now it is less important.

Just burn those discs at 10x. The discs are rated as 12x max speed anyway, so it is not as if burning at 10x will damage the discs. Besides, it is only a few seconds difference in burning time between 10x and 12x. Is it really worth getting all worked up over a few seconds? Life is too short to bother about such trivial things :slight_smile:

It’s nothing to do with Nero. It’s the burner’s firmware. My LG4163B will only burn 8-12x CD-RW at 10x, but my Liteon 1635S wil allow 4x & 10x.

That’s just the way it is.

It’s not only about the firmware, it’s in the first case about the CD-RW and how it’s rated.

There are normal CD-RW, then HiSpeed CD-Rw and Ultra-Speed-CD-RW, which all can be only burnt at specific speeds, depending on the burner/firmware/software.

It is really all about the firmware.

It’ll recognise the type of CD-RW present and offer the burn speed(s) available for that type of media. But as you say & as I pointed out different burners offer different options.

I don’t think software comes into this very much. Most reputable apps should interrogate the burner to get the supported burn speeds for that media type from there.

Yes, the speeds you can choose precisely, but what first counts is the media rating. :wink:


The question related to CD-RW media & MCE doesn’t allow any of that to be changed as far as I know/can see.

AFAIK, MCSE only allows you to change firmware write strategies for DVD writing, not CD or CD-RW writing.

I have tried 12x CD-RW on my 4167B and I can confirm that it only allows 10x write speed. So unfortunately, it is the drive limiting the speed, as I suspected. I don’t think there is anything that can be done.

I can confirm, I have also tried 12x RW on my 4167B. Max write speed is 10x, and on my LG GCE-8526B CD-RW the max write speed is 12x.

Wouldn’t be great that there’s a program that can change write strategies for writing CD’s…

Sure, but the difference is only a few seconds in terms of burning time. Why on earth do you want to bother with that?

Well, I like the idea that my burner can write at maximum speed.

lol, what a waste.